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Music videos | Promos | Short films | Video editing | Audiobook recording

I started out in 2005 making comedy music videos. Since then I've honed my skills in order to offer cost-effective video production to bands, solo artists, comedians and corporate organisations. I have a proven track record for making eye-catching, unique content and my work has been featured 3 times on mainstream UK TV, not bad for a one man band. My online content has been watched over 3 million times. I'm based in Essex and my work takes me all over the South East of England.

I now shoot in 4K on Fujifilm, DJI and GoPro cameras.

Music videos

If you are looking for an affordable music video to promote your track I've built up a varied skill set to help you achieve your goal. As well as  good solid camera work, lighting and post production, you need someone who can get the best from artists.


I use Fujifilm 4K cameras and DJI gimbals and drones along with industry standard post production software to deliver unique and eye-catching music videos.

Promo videos

You need a promotional video to show your product or service in its very best light as viewers often make snap decisions based on the first few seconds of a promo video.


I produce promotional videos for corporate clients, performers and campaigners and am able to offer every aspect of corporate film making at a competitive rate. Including video in your web site shows you are serious about your subject.

Video editing

Some videographers are great with cameras and mics but have neither the time or the patience to edit their work. This is when video footage is turned over to an experienced video editor to complete a project.


I have 10 years experience as a video editor and use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software (Premiere, AfterEffects, etc.) to piece together footage. I am often given footage shot by others to work into a coherent project.


Recording audio has always been an activity I've enjoyed. I offer affordable solutions for artists wishing to record spoken word material for submission to Audible, iTunes and other destinations.

My recording system is portable and allows me to offer this service at a location convenient to the artist. Contact me for more information on how to turn your book into an audiobook.

Contact Me

No two video projects are alike. If you'd like more information on how I can help with your project contact me using the form below or via my Facebook page


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